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Katie Couric

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Q: Shark tale movie who gave voice of Katie current?
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Who did the voice for Lenny in the movie shark tale?

Jack Black

Who is the voice over of by Will Smith in the movie shark tale?


Who plays mister Sykes in shark tale?

The Oscar winning director, Martin Scorsese provides the voice of Sykes in the movie.

Does Katie price have a good voice?

Her voice is very strong and she is a good singer!!!!!

In the movie 'Shark Tale' which character is represented by the voice-over of Will Smith?

According to All Media Guide, Will Smith's voice-over is used for the character of Oscar. To read more about the movie, see at the Related Link.

Who is the voice for sailor Mars?

Katie Griffin ; see related link .

Who does the voice over for new fairy advert?

I think its Katie Stewart

Voice of lola in a shark tale?

Angelina Jolie

Who provides the voice of Lenny in shark tales?

jack black

Does Katie sheridan play barbie?

Barbie's speaking voice is made by Kelly Sheridan, but her singing voice is made by Melissa Lyons.

What movie and television projects has Katie Honaker been in?

Katie Honaker has: Played Katie in "At the Edge" in 1998. Played Maisie in "American Wake" in 2004. Played Voice of Grace Phillips in "Grace Is Gone" in 2007. Played Mommy in "Snowfall" in 2009. Played Kathy in "Finding Graceland" in 2009. Played Norma in "Flowers for Norma" in 2010. Performed in "Audition" in 2012.

Voice of angie in shark tale?

Renee Zellweger