Rey mysterio last name

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It is Gutierrez. His full name is Oscar Gonzalez Gutierrez Rubio

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Q: Rey mysterio last name
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What is rey mysterio's first and last name?

Rey Mysterio's real name is Oscar Gutierrez

What is rey mysterio last name?

Gutierrez actually the name rey mysterio is only his ring name... and it means in Mexican the king.... ! so his last name is gutierrez ! :D

What is rey mysterio's wife's last name?

Angie Gutierrez

What was Eddie Guerrero and rey mysterio tag team name?

They never had an actual name. They always went by the name of either Batista & Rey Mysterio, or Rey Mysterio & Batista.

Why does he call himself rey mysterio?

Rey Mysterio jnr. uses his wrestling name Rey Mysterio because his uncle who used the wrestling name Rey Misterio told him to .Rey Mysterio used the spelling Misterio in WCW and ECW(reffered to a rey misterio jnr) before he moved to WWE and changed his name to Rey Mysterio.

Who is Rey Mysterio Jr?

Rey Mysterio's real name is Oscar Gutierrez.

Where do rey mysterio's kids live what are their last names?

rey mysterio kids live in san Diego cali, there last names are gutierrez.

Did Rey Mysterio jr train Rey Mysterio?

Yes, Rey Mysterio Sr. is his uncle and was the one that trained him.Rey Mysterio Jr. is Rey Mysterio.

Has rey mysterio had a different wrestling name?

Rey Mysterio Junior In WCWRey Mysterio Jr. also in a Mexican brand AAA.

What is rey misterio's name?

rey mysterio's real name is oscer gutierrez

Who would win rey mysterio or Eddie galario?

rey mysterio

What date did Rey Mysterio last on?

August 15,2011