Raw is Owen

Updated: 4/28/2022
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raw is Owen was a specail airing of wwe raw the night after Owen hart's fatal fall at wwe over the edge may 23rd 1999 it was full of tributes to Owen hart it aired on may 24th 1999 R.I.P Owen hart

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Q: Raw is Owen
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What are the release dates for WWF Raw Is War - 1993 Raw Is Owen?

WWF Raw Is War - 1993 Raw Is Owen was released on: USA: 24 May 1999

What raw got the highest show rating?

Raw is Owen May 24, 1999 7.2 Tribute in memory of Owen Hart.

Is Owen hart in WWE smackdown vs raw 2009?

no he is dead in he

Will Chris Benoit be in raw vs SMACK DOWN 09 or any other raw vs smackowns?

No, beniot died in 2007, and WWE removed all thing sto deal with him.Just like they did with Owen hart

When was Owen Owen created?

Owen Owen was created in 1868.

When did Owen Owen end?

Owen Owen ended in 2007.

When was Owen Wyn Owen born?

Owen Wyn Owen was born in 1921.

When did Owen Wyn Owen die?

Owen Wyn Owen died in 2012.

What nicknames does Owen Beckman go by?

Owen Beckman goes by Owen Owen.

When did Owen Owen - school inspector - die?

Owen Owen - school inspector - died in 1920.

When was Owen Owen - school inspector - born?

Owen Owen - school inspector - was born in 1850.

What would someone pay for a tape of the PPV where Owen Hart died?

...Just wondering cause I had PPV that night and am not a 'huge' wrestling fan so someone who is and a collector of such items may want it. I just wouldn't wanna sell it and realize that it was worth more than I think it is. (Also have the tribute Raw is Owen). WWE will never sell that tape. Just leave Owen Hart alone