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After building the huge signal fire on the mountain top Ralph realsies that he has no way to light it. He asks the other boys if anyone has any matches. Eventually however he uses Piggy spectacles as a burning glass, to concentrate the heat of the sun and light the fire.

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Q: Ralph starts the signal fire by rubbing two sticks together?
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What is sticks rubbing together an example of?

frictional force because is rubbing together

Lance is rubbing two sticks together. The friction causes the kinetic energy from rubbing the two sticks to be converted into?

heat energy

How do sticks make fire?

The friction caused by rubbing the sticks together causes heat causes the fire

Is rubbing sticks together to create a fire considered a combustion reaction?


Using a to start a fire is better than rubbing two sticks together?


How do you make a fire with sticks?

To start fire with sticks, the sticks need to be very dry. Fire will be started by rubbing the sticks continuously together. Fire will be produced as a result of friction.

do rubbing sticks make fire?

Yes, people in prehistory invented this kind of lighting a fire. Rubbing two dry sticks together makes heat and if you are patient enough it will make fire.

What is the purpose of rubbing two sticks together?

to make fire. when you are out in the wilderness and don't have any matches or a lighter. you can rub two sticks together for a while and it will make a fire!

A sentence with generate?

Rubbing two sticks together will generate heat to start a fire.

You convert kinetic energy into thermal energy when you rub two sticks together because?

Kinetic energy is movement energy. So when you rub two sticks together, the rubbing is the kinetic energy. The friction that this causes releases heat. Heat is thermal energy. So due to friction you can convert kinetic energy into thermal energy by rubbing sticks together.

How does maurice suggest they make smoke?

The option of rubbing sticks together came up, but eventually they decided to use piggy's glasses.

What type of heat is transfer in a scout start a fire by rubbing two sticks together near some dry leaves?

Fire by friction!