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"Sometimes, she could look at you and you could see what she was trying to tell you don't screw with me because I've been through things, and you don't know a d*mn thing about what it's cost me to be here, right here, right here on this worthless piece of ground, so don't treat me like I'm some crack on a sidewalk because if you step on me, you'll never take another step without thinking of me. I swear to God you won't." (pg. 13)

"They make you hate your mom and dad. They turn you into a gringo" (p. 114).

"It was better to be from Ireland than to be from Mexico. I knew that" (p. 116)

". . .everybody thought he was so. . .far out and groovy because he spoke Spanish. Nobody thought Mexicans were far-out and groovy because we spoke English. Nope. That's not the way it worked. Nope, I didn't like gringos who got to be more Mexican than Mexicans" (p. 140)

"And I was back to my serious, get-real-you're-just-a-guy-from-Hollywood attitude. That's why you needed to survive. Otherwise you'd break. Like Reyes. Maybe that's why he did heroin-because his dreams were too big." (p. 219).

School administrator"I've never liked you" (p. 176)

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Q: Quotes on Sammy and Juliana in Hollywood?
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