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This yet another example of something which is not a question but is in fact an assignment set by your teacher for you to complete.

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Jack doesn't kill the pig because he saw it squirming around in agony, and he didn't yet have the heart or nature to kill it.

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Q: Quote where Jack does want to kill the pig?
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Why doesnt Jack kill the pig?

Jack cannot kill the pig because he is an innocent boy who wouldn't kill a living creature.

Why is Jack unable to kill the pig?

Jack is unable to kill the pig, due to his fear of the squealing and blood that the pig would produce. Jack's inability to kill the pig is a symbolic example of the still existent human moral within the boys. Jack being unable to kill the pig shows he is hesitant to kill others, because he believes it is wrong.

Why were Jack and his hunters willing to kill the pig?

because the pig was stupid

In chapter 3 of Lord of the Flies Jack says he could kill a pig if they could make what?

Jack claims he only needed barbs on the spear head to kill the pig. Jack is consumed with killing a pig, but is unable to do so.

Why was jack scared to kill a pig?

He was too innocent to kill, but later in the book he lost that innocence

When jack sees a pig for the first time is he able to kill it?


What did jack and roger have planned for ralph?

put his head on a stick like the pig's head. Kill him like a pig!!

Why is Jack unable to kill the pig in chapter one in Lord of the Flies?

He was at first unable to kill the pig because he was still a kid who didn't know savagery and therefore couldn't kill the pig but later on when he does kill the pig he becomes "bloodthirsty" and always wants to kill and overpower everything and everyone.

What does jack promise will happen the next time he meets the pig?

He will get a pig next time he goes out.

What did Ralph and jack and piggy not have the wit to do in chapter 5 of lord of the flies?

to kill the pig

As jack talks about the pig they saw on their expedition what does he do that shows his violent nature?

He has a dire to kill it

Who kills a pig?

Jack and his hunters kill at least three pigs during the course of the novel.