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Leeza Gibbons and John Walls.

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Q: PM Magazine who were Matt Lauer's co-hosts?
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When was PM Magazine created?

PM Magazine was created in 1978-09.

What is the duration of PM Magazine?

The duration of PM Magazine is 1800.0 seconds.

When did PM Magazine end?

PM Magazine ended on 1991-08-30.

What are the release dates for Evening Magazine - 1976 PM and Evening National Reel?

Evening Magazine - 1976 PM and Evening National Reel was released on: USA: 1 September 1979

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Did Bruna Costume from RI design Al Ropers gingerbread costume?

I know that Bruna is a close friend of Bruna did a lot of tv shows for PM magazine with 'Matt Laurer'. There were at least 4 that I know of and I know that she made all his Halloween costumes. I remember that he wore a catapiller costume on the show and said that it was made by Bruna. . I was in the store once while they were filming PM magazine. This is going back 25 years ago. I was a kid then but I used to go in there every day to buy fun snaps and jokes. Actually I was a pain in the neck kid that use to bother her all the time. so my answer is 'probably Yes' because of her friendship with Matt Laurer.

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