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my guess is because they have their flaws, I don't really know much about Orihime, Rukia, or Karin, but I do know a few about Ino, Sakura and Hinata. Ino, well she's sort of a snob, Sakura, she's a little obsessive with Sasuke, and Hinata, she's shy, and has a crush on Naruto. Now I think it's kinda stupid for people to have anger towards someone who is a fictional character and is not a bad guy. I can't say much with Ino but with Sakura and Hinata, they start out as kinda outcasts in a way. Sakura was insecure about her forehead, and Hinata felt like she was weak and couldn't change herself, they both grow out of their problems and become very strong ninjas. but what really upsets me is that people always say that Hinata is a slut or is too shy, or she's weak. Hinata is none of these, and the only reason why they think she's a slut is 'cause of the fan art that people make of her. the reason I don't like people talking bad about Hinata is because I'm a shy person and Hinata helped me understand just because I'm shy doesn't mean I'm weak. Also this is how the author made them, so if you hate the characters then you pretty much hate the one who created them.

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Q: Orihime Hinata sakura Ino karin and rukia why do you hate them so much im a crazy-for-anime-person but this is rediculus its almost the end give up now and think these characters are friends not karin?
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All relationships of the characters from the bleach series, with exception of familial or ones explicitly stated, are left ambiguous to the reader. Uryu has shown a sort of affection for Orihime, but they are both comrades and friends, so feeling affectionate for her would be normal and not necessarily an indication of love. So feel free to assume what you prefer, just don't tote it as canon until/unless it is explicitly mentioned in the manga. (anime doesn't count as it is not "word of god")

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