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Crosby, Stills and Nash.

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Q: Original who is the origanal artist to the song Woodstock?
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Woodstock performer that sang tell you why?

No song by that name was played at the original Woodstock in 1969. See the link for a list of all songs played, perhaps the song has a different title.

Who is the original artist for the song ' With this Ring'?

the platters

Who was original artist for song you are beautiful?

give the answer

When was Woodstock - song - created?

Woodstock - song - was created in 1969.

Who is the original artist of the song dynamite?

Taio Cruz

Who is the artist of the song used in the GE Cafe commercial?

The original song is by the Lemonheads.

What is the name of the original CSI Song before Who are You?

Song: Artist: Year: Album:

Who was the original singer of the song 'You don't know me'?

the original artist of this song is "chiqui pineda"

Who made the original song named sweetheart?

The original artist is Rainy Davis. (1986)

Who was the original artist for the song Why?

Anthony Newley Jan 1960

Who is the original artist of the song 'When You Grow Up'?

johnny cash

Who is the original artist of the boyzone song better?

Tom Baxter