Opinions on Jill Saint James

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Jill Saint James is definitely NOT a scam. She runs and has by far the best Numerology Horoscopes on the web. I would recommend anyone to get one of her personalized Free Reports to see for yourself.

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Q: Opinions on Jill Saint James
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It it a scam! They sent me stuff like "the days you have got left on this earth" I emailed them a few times but there are no answer, just the same email keep coming back asking me to buy subscription! Scam! Jill St James and Answers are and is a scam. If not the offer by my radio station to run free ads in return for my report from her would have been accepted. She might have an email/comment box , but that is read by publicists and assistants, she never sees it. Our radio station is running a snake grab on M. St James, watch the news for the FTC FBI arrest.

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