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Q: One of Motowns first concept albums What is Going On was released by?
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What is Going On was an important concept album released by?

Marvin Gaye (apex)

The concept album What's Going On was released by?

Marvin Gaye

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What is Going On was a important concept album released by?

Marvin Gaye (apex)

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Who wrote Motown's first concept albums what's going on?

The first concept album for Motown was "What's Going On" by Marvin Gaye. He was the main writer and composer of the album, which dealt with social and political issues of the time. Released in 1971, it was a departure from Motown's traditional pop sound and became a classic in soul music.

Concept album what's going on was released by?

Marvin Gaye.

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What is Going On was an important concept album released by?

Marvin Gaye (apex)

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The concept album What's Going On was released by?

Marvin Gaye

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