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Too hard to say how to, just keep trying and you will get the hang of it and find out how to do it, promise, i did that and i have finished it all (: x

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Q: On the Wii games Hannah Montana the movia how do you win the horse racing?
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How did Hannah Montana's horse roam man die?

Roam - Man got very old and died.

Who plays blue jeans in Hannah Montana?

Just a random horse with no name it is not Miley's horse in real life.

What was miley cyrus's real horses name in real life?

Miley Cyrus' horse's name is Roam-Man. He recently passed away and the new ''Hannah Montana: Forever" 'Love That Lets Go' was dedicated to him. ): So sad! ):

Miley or Hannah who does she choose?

No-one can be sure until it hits the cinemas. April 10th, 2009. I personally think she'll pick Miley because after the movie airs the Hannah Montana series is meant to end. So I'm sure she picks Miley over Hannah but I could be wrong.Hannah Montana is not ending. I know this because there is going to be a new episode in the week that JONAS premiere's and it might even go into a fourth season. But just see the movie.The movie was never meant to be the end of the show! It's a four year contract so theres still one more season and depending on the success a new contract.i know that's right cuzz....just yall ppl that wanna see so bad go see the movie its out in the movies now hurry hurrty hurry......shes gonna pick miley , but its not the end of Hannah Montana cuz thers alot of episods to make on the show and maby thers anothers season wich is the 4th.ok there is more Hannah Montana showxs b/c that Jake guy is gonna be on and there is a new Hannah Montana movie

Is Blue Jean's Miley's real horse?

No, but she did have a horse from when she was a little girl to about 2009 that is why she did that show on Hannah Montana about Blue Jeans getting hurt and almost dying. He did not though. Rumors say that Miley named the horse Blue Jeans because of her song Old Blue Jeans

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Do Hannah Montana have a horse?


Is the horse on Hannah Montana Miley Cyrus' personal horse?


What breed of horse has Hannah Montana got?


When did Hannah Montana's horse die?

im not really sure if the horse was Hannah montanas i think it was her dads but he give it to her!

What is Miley's horse name in Hannah Montana?

Blue Jeans.

When did he buy his horse and when did the horse die?

Hannah Montana bought her horse in1987 and he just died in 2009

What is the breed of the horse that mile rides in Hannah Montana the movie?

A quarterhorse.

Do people actually do the Hannah Montana dance?

yes, after horse races!

Does Hannah Montana have pets?

Hannah Montana does have pets, although they are not living with her in Los Angeles, and are not shown in the show very often. She has farm animals such as a horse and pig.

What does Robby throw really well in the show Hannah Montana?

A horse shoe

Is Miley Cyrus really leaving Hannah Montana?

yes there is a season finale for Hannah Montana about her horse ran away and she wants to come back home to Tennessee

What is the horse called that miley rides on called in Hannah Montana the movie?

Miley horse is called Blue Jeans!