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The first Statue of Liberty is the statue of liberty. The second statue of liberty is in Paris known as the isle tower. And the third one is one in the luxemburg garden. I don't know what its called/ It is reserved land in Afghanistan,

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# New York City, New York # Paris, France # The Luxembourg Gardens

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Q: On national treasure Book of secrets where did they say the 3 statues of liberty were?
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Are there three statues of liberty as told in national treasure 2 book of secrets?

There is possibly more than three: New York, U.S.; Paris, France; Jardin du Luxembourg, France; Michigan, U.S. and then there are some in Las Vegas, Alabama, the legoland one in California (which probably won't count), Norway, Tokyo Bay.. but there are many more.

Why is Boston National Historical Park so important?

because it holds monuments and liberty statues

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Do the other Statues of Liberty look like your Statue of Liberty?

from what i know there is not any other statues of liberty so i can't answer that

How many Statue of Liberty's exist?

There are 3 Statue of Liberties in the world. 1. In U.S.A. in New York City. 2. In France in Paris near Eiffel tower 3. In U.S.A. in Las Vegas. one replica is situated in the Luxembourg garden France in Paris city

Are there 3 statues of liberty in Germany?


In what hands are the torches in on the statues of liberty?


How tall are the three statues of liberty?

305 feet

Where are the 5 statues of liberty?

one of them are new york

Who is responsible for the statues of liberty's protection?

the security guards

How many statues of liberty did France send to the US?


Is the Statue of Liberty one of the largest statues?

Yes. Yes it is.