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They met in the Merchant Marines.

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Q: On Days of Our Lives patch and bo met in the?
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Where did Patch and Bo first meet on Days of Our Lives?

I believe they met in the merchant marines.

Did Bo turn off Andre's life support on Days of Our Lives?

No it was turned off by Andre

Is Carly going to have Bo's baby on Days of Our Lives?

No. There are no plans for Carly to have Bo's baby. Carly has two children - Nicholas, who was fathered by Lawrence; and Melanie, who was fathered by Daniel.

Why is Peter Reckell no longer on Days of Our Lives?

Peter Reckell is currently on Days of Our Lives playing Bo Brady as of April 2012. His character was in a coma for a couple of weeks, so he was not shown very much.

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What happened to Ciara on Days of Our Lives?

Ciara was kidnapped by a dirty cop, his girlfriend, and her brother. They held Ciara for ransom, which Bo refused to pay. Ciara was found safely by her parents, but the fact that Bo refused to pay the ransom caused a severe rift in the couple's marriage.

Where does Bo Burham live?

He lives in MA

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Was Brady Black of Days of Our Lives Bo and Hope's son?

No. Brady Black is the son of John Black (once thought to be Roman Brady) and Isabella Toscano Kiriakis Black.

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