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Stay Breezy

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Q: Off of house of payne what do Calvin always say?
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What are the release dates for House of Payne - 2006 Wax On Wax Off 2-13?

House of Payne - 2006 Wax On Wax Off 2-13 was released on: USA: 18 July 2007

Was Jeanine off of house of payne really on drugs?

NO so leave her alone!!!!!!!!!!

Why did claretha leave sitcom house of payne?

she had lukemia was dating floyd she may have died off

What is the actress name who plays jasmine off house of payne?


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What is the real name of payne off of fratpad?

Payne's real name is Jake Holmberg.

Who is Eva pigford?

Eva is the one off of young and restly and tyler perry house of payne Actually Eva started off as the winner of season 3 of Americas Next Top Model

Who are the real parents of Jaiden and Haiden off of House of Payne?

Yes they are how do I know cause Allen Payne which plays (Janine) is my mother she has 4 children its me Kayla ,the twins Jaiden and Haiden and byron my brother............for all the people who think they know well guess what YOUR WRONG lol bye my father is kevin Payne people lol bye

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Why did malik keep taking showers in house of payne wax on wax off?

what is Malik been doing in the shower for hour and what disgusting thing are they talking about because I am lost

Why was Tyler Perry's House of Payne cancelled?

TBS didn't provide reasons as to why they cancelled the show. In January 2017 The Oprah Winfrey Network announced a spin off called The Paynes.

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liam payne has a white black berry and he has a picture of chelsea mcgill on the front of it :)))by zayn