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Marilyn Monroe :-)

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Q: Norma Jean is the real name of which star?
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Was Norma jean married to george riddle?

Yes & No. Normal Jean Mortenson (Marilyn Monroe) was not married to George Riddle. Norma Jean Beasler (Pretty Miss Norma Jean), of Grand Ole Opry fame and a star of the Porter Wagoner Show was married to George Riddle (another country singer) for a number of years.

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Why did Norma Jeane Mortenson change her name to Marilyn Monroe?

It wasn't her idea (Norma Jeane Baker Mortenson), it was her studio's (Twentieth Century-Fox); they said her last name (Mortenson) was difficult to know how to pronounce, so she settled on her grandmother's maiden name, Monroe, but that was awkward with Norma Jeane so it was suggested that she be named after a 20s Broadway star who was called Marilyn- Thus, Marilyn Monroe was born.

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