Nomthandazo faith khumalo

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Nomthandazo faith khumalo is a bright young girl that lives in ekurhuleni near the east rand and she like havingfun and is forever bubbly to the people around her and she is loved by those who know her the most and she has done very well in school even her teachers even to this day are proud of her and her parents too, the parents are over the moojn since she is has started to be independent in her life and also she is cool to hang out with i know that for sure and she carries herself like proper lady even in this generation of women who no longer have self respect for themselves and al these things we see now...just to summarise on everything nomthandazo faith khumalo is a cool person to know and if ur not a friend of hers by now i don't know where have u been living lol...

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Q: Nomthandazo faith khumalo
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