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Memories by jimmy edward

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Q: Never will i lose the memory of that cold and rainy Sunday afternoon?
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What is the duration of One Rainy Afternoon?

The duration of One Rainy Afternoon is 1.57 hours.

When was One Rainy Afternoon created?

One Rainy Afternoon was created on 1936-05-19.

Why do those go round seeking immortality yet don't know what to do with themselves on a rainy Sunday afternoon?

because they want to live forever

Which type of weather is most likely for this area in the afternoon?


Which type of weather is most likely for this area in the late afternoon?


Which game was invented by the British Army in Indiaon a rainy afternoon?


Which type of weather is most likely for area in the late afternoon?


What are the release dates for One Rainy Afternoon - 1936?

One Rainy Afternoon - 1936 was released on: USA: 13 May 1936 Denmark: 8 October 1936 Finland: 12 November 1936 USA: January 1948 (re-release)

Why did Kevin Rudolph write the song great escape?

Beacause he had nothing better to do one rainy afternoon . :)

When is the rainy season in Manaus?

There is not a rainy season it rains all the time, as it is near the equator it always has heat and as the heat evaporates it will rain all the time in the afternoon. Aaron Cartwright

What words can you use to describe a rainy Sunday?

damp dreary gray wet slippery cold

Why is Seattle called Rainy City?

seattle is called rainy city becuse it rain over there to much. ** it does rain in Seattle a lot, but I've never heard Seattle called Rainy City", a rainy city maybe.