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Q: Name something you don't want to run over with a vacuum?
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Is it possible to levitate?

yes. you cannot do it freely, but if you use EM radiation, or vacuums, you can. (airplanes and whirlybirds use vacuums) a whirlybird has a huge propeller on top, and when it sucks the air under it, over it is a vacuum. something has to fill this vacuum. thus, the whirlybird is the closest thing to this vacuum. whirlybird fills vacuum. helicopter is the new name for whirlybird. but when it was invented, it's name was whirlybird.

How do you get over a guy who is taken?

dont think about him think of something elso

What does it mean when someone tells you dont get something that's over the top?

dont get somthing really expensive or fancy

What are the advantages of a stick vacuum over a regular one?

A stick vacuum has the advantage over a regular vacuum in different ways. A stick vacuum is usually cheaper than a regular one, and a stick vacuum is primarily use for smaller jobs instead of bringing the bigger and heavier vacuum.

Something to avoid when writing essays is?

vague comparisons

What should you do if your boyfriend hugs a girl?

he's already with you so dont overreact. you dont want to start a fight over something as simple as a hug

What is a good fake airlines name?

Try using letters that stand for something. Its important that it doesn't sound too fantasy. what about pacific glider of something like that most planes go over an ocean anyway. why dont you just make it "the lebanese airlines"!!!!!!!

What is something a kid must get asked over and over?

School, age, clean room, name

What is name for?

A name is for someone to call you something. Would you want someone to call you something or say," person over there!"

What are the advantages of baking a product over frying it or eating it raw?

The advantages of eating something raw is that you dont have to cook because you are lazy and you dont become a fat man walking

What does the last name Harris mean?

To be the ruler of something or have power over it or control.

How do you hide your feelings from a guys sister?

if you feel unusual or something you dont have to stay around them. ask to leave to go to the bathroom or something. and think it over, if you cant take it, dont stay around them for a long time. (sorry, miss read question)