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what do you want me to do?
You should talk to her about it.

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Q: My daughter wants a new hairstyle Criteria is Shoulder length like Selena Gomez She has a cowlick at the front HELP?
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Cowlick in a sentence?

"My sister woke up this moning with a huge cowlick on the back of her head".

How can you use cowlick in a sentence?

my brother had a huge cowlick on the back of his head when he woke up

What is a sentence using cowlick?

Your cowlick makes your bangs stick up instead of lay down.

Can a horse have a cowlick?


Where does a cowlick reside?

On your head

How do you get rid of a cowlick?

You don't get rid of a cowlick. You can cut it completely off, which will not work unless you wear a buzz cut or you can let it grow longer and the weight of it will pull itself down. It is best to wear a style that will work with it. If you want to try to hold it down, make sure that it dries in the exact place that you want it to lay. Wear a lot of gel or spray to hold it. Many people find cowlicks to be extremely irritating since they often conflict with the desired hairstyle. There are several methods of taming the unruly cowlicks. For most people, a combination of the right hairstyle, length, product used and styling technique can overcome the undesired appearance. For people more serious about cowlick management, including celebrities, more drastic measures may be used. Electrology, waxing and even cosmetic surgery can be used to more permanently correct the cowlick. It may be helpful to consult a professional stylist for advice on managing your particular hair pattern and cowlicks.

What four letter words can be found in the word cowlick?

Four letter words that can be made from the letters in 'cowlick' are:coilcowlkilolocilocklickwick

Can you use Cowlick in a sentence?


Does everyone have a cowlick?

No, but they are pretty common.

The pattern created in a horse's coat where hairs change their direction of growth is called a what?

It is called cowlick. Horse Isle Quiz: Cowlick

What is a fool's cowlick?

if you have a cowlick, it means that you have a place on your head were hair grows more then the rest of you head.Make sence?

What is the antonym for cowlick?

what is the antonym for juvenile delinquent