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Monophony. Monophony is the simplest of musical textures, and is one of the earliest historical musical forms. Plainchant, or Gregorian chant, is a commonly cited example of monophony, and was popular in Italy, Ireland, Spain and France. While 9th century plainchant incorporated extra voices in parallel fifths, Byzantine chant, Armenian chant, and Mozarabic chant are all strictly monophonic.

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That would be called monophonic.

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Q: Music that consists of a single melody without accompaniment is called?
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What is Christian monophonic music?

Music that consists of melody only, without harmony or accompaniment, usually sung.

What is the low steady tone produced by bagpipes as an accompaniment to a melody called?

The Drone

What is the definition of counterpoint?

Melody added as an accompaniment to a given melody.

The texture of a single melody played without accompaniment is?

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What does accompaniment mean in music?

Where a piece of music is built around a melody which is sung or played on a solo instrument, other instruments which supply harmonic and rhythmic support are called the accompaniment.

Syncopated notes are what?

Syncopated rhythms are rhythms where unexpected beats bear the emphasis. In other words the beat has an unusual structure. Accented notes on weak beats.<apex answer

What is A sung song is called?

It's called an 'aria'..........aria n. A solo vocal piece with instrumental accompaniment, as in an Opera. Anair; a melody.

What type of song is aria?

it is an elaborate melody sung solo with accompaniment

What does melody and accompaniment mean in music?

Melody is the most important part of the music. It is the tune of the song. Harmony is the part that plays along with the melody.

What does homophonic mean in music?

Same sounds and same rhythm but different notes, melody and accompaniment.

A melody that consists of close intervals is considered?


What part does melody play in music?

The melody is what most people call the "music." In modern music, the melody refers to the main idea, usually the lyrics, of a piece of music. A harmony, typically background vocals and/or instrumentation, is usually added to a melody.