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Are you thinking of Kandahar

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Q: Movie with Muslim woman escaping dressed as a man the name sounds roughly like gandahah?
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Shareem is a Muslim name and what does it mean?

Shareem is Muslim which can be roughly translated to "terrorist" in English

What is the Muslim and Non Muslim Population?

There are about 6 to 7 billion people in the world today. Roughly 1.5 people are Muslim.

What does means of Muslim name SOBAAN?

Sobaan name meaning is "WELL DRESSED PERSOM"......

What happens when a Muslim baby is born?

Muslim people celebrate by drinking wine and eating only bread. the baby will also be dressed fully and will be given breast milk and meat.

How many sunni muslim and shia muslim member of parliament in Iran?

Most of the Iranian Parliament is made of Shiites. There are roughly 20 or so Sunni Parliamentarians compared with the roughly 250 Shiite Parliamentarians. There are also roughly 20 or so minority religious members (Armenians, Jews, Zoroastrians, etc.).

What do Muslim-Americans eat that Americans don't?

Muslim-Americans do not eat unique foods by dint of being Muslims, but rather they eat the unique foods of their homelands. An Iraqi-American who is Muslim will eat roughly the same foods as an Iraqi-American who is Jewish or Christian and an Indian-American who is Muslim will eat roughly the same foods a Hindu Indian-American, but a Muslim Iraqi-American and a Muslim Indian-American will eat foods that are very different from on another, because they come from different places.The only things that Christian-Americans eat that Muslim-Americans do not are pork and alcohol. (Although a significant number of Muslim-Americans do eat pork and/or alcohol in contravention with Islamic doctrine.)

Percent of Muslim population in the world?

Muslims represent roughly 23%-25% of all people.

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The way the question is phrased (using the word "Islamic") refers to land. Since 99% of the Middle East is owned by majority-Muslim countries, 99% would be your answer. If you intended to ask what percentage of the Middle East is Muslim, i.e. referring to humans. roughly 90% of all Middle Easterners are Muslims. The largest non-Muslim populations in the Middle East are the Egyptian Copts (roughly 8 million people) and the Israeli Jews (roughly 6 million people).

What percentage of Iraq's population is not Muslim?

Before 2003, roughly 3-5% of the Iraqi population was Non-Muslim. That number has declined sharply because the sectarian violence, but we have no more reliable numbers.

How do you call written edicts of a Muslim rule?

A fatwa, handed down by a recognized authority, is an edict on a point of Islamic law. Is it estimated that the Muslim population of the world is roughly 1.6 billion.

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The main religions is morcco is Islam, it is roughly 96% Muslim with some Christians

When did Parsis start?

The Parsis are Zoroastrians who emigrated from Persia to India somewhere between the 8th and 10th Centuries CE. They were escaping from Muslim persecution in Persia following the fall of the Sassanid Empire there.