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Of course the rumors are unfounded. Mike and Rainie has amazing on screen and off screen chemistry and they might have feelings for each other - but of course being in showbiz, you can't just act on your feelings.

by ayel sto. domingo

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Q: Mike he has a feelings for rainie yang?
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Who is the girlfriend of mike he?

yes he and rainie are together

Does Rainie is Mike he girlfriend?

No. Rainie Yang is not Mike He's girlfriend. Rumors say they are but in real life, they are just friends.

Is mike he and rainie yang have relationship?

Yes they do have relationship. But it is more of a sister-brother relationship. Mike's closest girl friend in showbiz is Rainie Yang. However, they are not in a boyfriend-girlfriend type of relationship. From what I have been seeing, Mike and Rainie know about each other's love life but they are not together. They make a good onscreen partnership though.

Is there a new drama for mike he and rainie yang dis year of 2010?


Is Mike He Rainie Yang's brother?

i do believe so, so yes

What drama rainie yang play with mike?

From my knowledge rainie plays in 2 dramas with mike. The first being Devil Beside You, and the second being Why Why Why Love.

Does Mike He in love with Rainie Yang?

nope....hez in love wit me...seriously!!!

Is mike he jun xiang have a love relationship with rainie yang?

yup. . they are., you can watch rainie's wishes for mike., last year (2008) they are so sweet by ayel sto. domingo

Aaron yan and rainie yang what is his status?

aaron yan use to like rainie yang but hat was around 2006 or 2005?! rainie yang like boys like mike he as i know rainie always mention that she want a boyfriend who is dark,handsome,tall and that person should respect her mom and as well should be someone who has cold personality to show that he can protect rainie

When was Rainie Yang born?

Rainie Yang was born on June 4, 1984.

What is Rainie Yang's birthday?

Rainie Yang was born on June 4, 1984.

Who is more beautiful rainie yang or Ariel lin?

Rainie Yang :D