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You have to be his prime Kane could pwn chuck Norris! Dude the big read machine for sure!

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I think Masked Kane would win cause when Kane was unmasked he was less tougher

and John Cena's F.U. wouldn't stand a chance against Kane's chokeslam and tombstone piledriver.

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Q: Masked Kane vs john cena who would win?
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No. John Cena and Kane are not brothers.

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John cena is better because Kane got beaten by MArk henry and John cena beat Mark henry so that proves John Cena is better

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it was John Cena

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john cena because he rocks i love john cena he's awesome

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Because Kane thought that John Cena was a Newborn as he said in raw so he attacked him with the whole crowd watching them in the Skylon Tower.