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Updated: 4/28/2022
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iPod touch or iPhone...

notes app

iPod nano (any version but the touch-screen)...


an iPod nano touch-screen...

notes app

cell phone...

most of the time impossible


Microsoft Word Microsoft office notepad wordpad etc




Microsoft office Microsoft word notepad wordpad etc

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Q: Make a note
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How do you make a music note with your keyboard?

You can play more than one note at a time to make one different note.

How to make a sentence with note?

the note book was blank

How to make a slum note?

to make a slum note first you going to sign or write your name and then answer the next qoustion

What is the difference between make a note of and take a note of?

"Make a note of" is something you create - as in making a note or letter"Take a note of" is something someone else creates- as in take down notes"Take note of" can also mean to pay attention to something.when we make some notes on notebook or some other pages which is teacher say it is called note taking, nd when we make notes on our thoughts or our ideas is called note making.taking notes is when you write notes in a notebook or something, and note making is when you make notes. Sort of like when you teach a class, you have to know what the objective is as in what you have to eat.

What sound does a recorder make?

What it is a high note With d and a low note c

How many crochets make a minim?

In music, a "minim" is a note played half as long as a whole note. Where a "crochet" is a note played one quarter of a whole note (or seimbreve).

How do you make fake 20 euro note?

You cannot make a fake 20 Euro note because it is against the law. If you are caught making a fake 20 Euro note, you will be arrested.

How is a sticky note sticky?

The sticky note is stick because the people who make the sticky note make it sticky on the back so they will stick to stuff like desk, walls, ect...

What difference in a note does the amplitude of a sound wave make?

Changing the amplitude of a note will alter its volume.

Can you make a musical note with a wine glass and water?

Yes. Any sound can be a musical note

What note do power drills make?


What does it mean to make the note shorter?