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I just found the lyrics to that song at

Just type "learning to fly" in the search bar. I couldn't copy them or else I would have put them right here.


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Q: Lyrics learning to fly by Tom Petty?
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Who Sang learning to fly in 1981?

Tom Petty

What is the name of the painted girl in Tom Petty learning to fly video?

Suzanne Long

Who is the pool boy from the learning to fly video by Tom Petty?

Sean Robison of dallas Texas

Who is the Las Vegas show girl on Tom Petty's video learning to fly?

Tracee HynesWho_is_the_painted_girl_in_the_tom_petty_video_Learning_to_Fly

What is example of work of Tom Petty?

runnin down a dream free fallin here comes my girl breakdown learning to fly

What are some good songs for a skydiving DVD?

If you want to go cliche, you could use Learning to Fly, or Freefalling, both by Tom Petty. Born to be Wild by Steppenwolf is good, and so is Sky, by Ra.

Where might one find lyrics to 'Fly Me To the Moon'?

One can find the lyrics to 'Fly Me To the Moon' via a number of websites. One can find the lyrics on 'AZ Lyrics', 'Lyrics Freak', 'Sing 365' and 'Metro Lyrics'.

What are the lyrics for Fly to What if your Heart?

go to google type in lyrics for fly to your heart and the author name and there you go!!!

When was Learning to Fly - video - created?

Learning to Fly - video - was created on 2004-11-16.

Can Pokemon fly?

ya flying Pokemon can fly after learning fly

Learn to fly game how to fly?

this game is about a penguin learning how to fly

Who is the painted girl in the Tom Petty video Learning to Fly?

I posting on YouTube said the she and the painted girl where students at U of Atraceeinteriors"I love this song! and video!!! I was there!!! I was friendly with the painted girl and I am the Las Vegas showgirl in the middle. It was 110 degrees in the desert that day!!! It was so much fun! We were UofA Students!!!!! "