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The last group of boys to arrive at the first meeting in Lord of the Flies are a choir led by head boy Jack Merridew.

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Q: Lord of the Flies last boys to reach the meeting?
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How would you describe the last group of boys to reach the meeting in lord of the flies?

The last group of boys to reach the meeting in "Lord of the Flies" are described as tired, disheveled, and out of breath. They exhibit a lack of organization and unity compared to the other boys, highlighting the growing chaos and breakdown of order on the island.

What are the difference between the first and second meeting lord the of flies?

In the first meeting in "Lord of the Flies," the boys gather using the conch shell and establish rules for order and civilization. In the second meeting, tensions arise and the boys begin to exhibit signs of savagery as power struggles emerge.

Where does Ralph sit during the meeting in the lord of the flies?

Ralph sits on a fallen tree trunk during the meeting in "Lord of the Flies." This position symbolizes his leadership role as the boys' chief, providing a sense of authority and organization in the chaotic situation on the island.

What is the main reason Ralph is worried about the boys not coming back to the meeting in lord of the flies?

Jack has shouted, "Bollocks to the Rules"

What time of day does Ralph call a meeting in the lord of the flies?

Ralph calls a meeting in the morning in "Lord of the Flies" to discuss pressing issues on the island and to address the boys' concerns and fears.

Who called the first meeting in the lord of the flies?

Ralph and Piggy found each other and blew the conch shell first, so they called the first meeting of the boys

Who said what are you humans or animals or savages in lord of the flies chapter 5?

In Lord of the Flies, this phrase is said by Ralph to the other boys during a meeting. He is frustrated by their lack of cooperation and order, and the question reflects his growing concern about the boys' descent into savagery.

What type of animal do the three boys see in lord of the flies?

Lord of the Flies documents the progression of "innocent" boys into savagery.

Who is the last boy to join the boys on the mountain to make a fire in Lord of the Flies?

Piggy was the last boy to reach the top of the mountain.

How does Ralph have order in Lord of the Flies?

The boys Elected Ralph Chief after meeting at the platform at the begining of the book. This is when they realize it was Ralph who blew the shell and called them there.

Where are the boys in lord of the flies?

On the Island

What items does Ralph find how do all the boys know where to gather in Chapter 1 in the book lord of the flies?

In Chapter 1 of "Lord of the Flies," Ralph finds a conch shell on the beach and uses it to call the other boys together. The sound of the conch signifies a meeting, and all the boys instinctively know to gather in response to its sound.