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See link below. It's an Australian folk song.

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Q: Looking for music box song in the movie Dressed to Kill--Sherlock Holmes-1940's. Think it is called The Swagman?
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Which songs mentions a jolly swagman?

there is a song waltzing Matilda that metions a jolly swagman the song is about a swagman who camps by a billabong (Australian river) and a jumbuck (Australian word for sheep) and when the owner finds his sheep the swagman refuses to give it back so the owner kills the swagman and now you hear his ghost as you walk past that billabong!

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What is the vision of swagman hotel?

mission & vission of swagman

When did Swagman Restaurant end?

Swagman Restaurant ended in 1991.

When was Swagman Restaurant created?

Swagman Restaurant was created in 1972.

When was The Swagman's Story created?

The Swagman's Story was created on 1914-03-02.

When was Up Jumped a Swagman created?

Up Jumped a Swagman was created in 1965.

When was Once a Jolly Swagman created?

Once a Jolly Swagman was created in 1949.

Which songs mentions a jolly swagman?

there is a song waltzing Matilda that metions a jolly swagman the song is about a swagman who camps by a billabong (Australian river) and a jumbuck (Australian word for sheep) and when the owner finds his sheep the swagman refuses to give it back so the owner kills the swagman and now you hear his ghost as you walk past that billabong!

What is the Swagman's Rest by Banjo Paterson about?

"The Swagman's Rest" by Banjo Paterson is a poem that tells the story of a swagman (wandering worker) resting by a billabong (watering hole) when he encounters a jumbuck (sheep) that he decides to steal. The poem highlights themes of bush life, the struggle for survival, and the consequences of theft in the Australian outback.

What country did the word swagman come from?

The word "swagman" is Australian in origin and refers to a transient worker who travels on foot carrying a swag (bedroll) looking for work, particularly in rural areas. The term is closely associated with the Australian folk song "Waltzing Matilda."

What actors and actresses appeared in The Swagman - 2013?

The cast of The Swagman - 2013 includes: Martin Ruscic as Landowner

Where was C.J. Dennis' poem The Swagman written?

C.J. Dennis' poem "The Swagman" was written in Melbourne, Australia. Dennis was an Australian poet who often wrote about outback life and characters.

What is a bundle carried by a swagman?

A bundle carried by a swagman typically includes essential items for survival and comfort while traveling, such as a sleeping blanket, food, cooking utensils, and personal belongings. It is usually tied together and slung over the swagman's shoulder or carried on a stick over the shoulder.