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  1. "Roll On" - The Living End (Chris Cheney)
  2. "Bleed American" - Jimmy Eat World (Jimmy Eat World)
  3. "Hit The Ground" - 6gig (6gig)
  4. "Bouncing Off The Walls" - Sugarcult (Sugarcult)
  5. "I'm a Fool" - American Hi-Fi (Stacy Jones)
  6. "Girl On the Roof" - David Mead (David Mead)
  7. "Things Are Getting Better" - N*E*R*D (Chad Hugo, Pharrell)
  8. "Okay" - Swirl 360 (Kenny & Denny Scott, Tonio K)
  9. "Blind Spot" - Transmatic (Transmatic)
  10. "Makes No Difference" - Sum 41
  11. "At Auntie Tom's" Charlery)
  12. "Little Man (2002 mix)
  13. "Start Over" - Abandoned Pools
  14. "You Get Me" - Michelle Branch
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the song is "You're Gonna Go Far, Kid" by The Offspring

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When The Night Feels My Song - Bedouin Soundclash

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Bowling for Soup.

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Q: List of songs from van wilder freshman year?
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