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1) Piggy is very fat, the only boy who is mentioned as being fat on the island.
2) Piggy is the only boy on the island who wears glasses.
3) Piggy has Asthma and he is also lazy so he doesn't take part on any activities such as doing any work of even swimming or playing.
4) Piggy thinks that he is very intelligent and talks down to the other boys as if he were an adult.
5) Piggy talks differently to the other boys, saying things such as 'I dunno' and 'I seen one like that before.' He was initially wearing a greasy wind-breaker and he lived with his auntie in a sweet shop. Piggy is from a lower class than the rest of the boys.

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Piggy was handicapped by his physical conditions. Piggy was very fat, suffered from asthma and wore thick spectacles. Piggy was also handicapped by his manner of speaking which marked him out as an outsider to the other boys. Piggy was also hampered intellectually by his rigid thought patterns and his inability to appreciate any viewpoint but his own.

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Although Piggy wishes to accompany Ralph, when he sets out to climb the mountain to ascertain whether they are on an island or not, Ralph chooses Jack and Simon to go with him. Appart from that most of the exclusion which Piggy experiences is self inflicted. He can't swim so he doesn't go swimming and he is to fat and lazy to go hunting or help building the huts. He is mentally exluded by his attitude, he thinks and talks like an adult which, combinded with his body fat, glasses and asthma, serves to set him apart from the other boys.

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Q: List 5 reasons Piggy is an outsider in Lord of the Flies?
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