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Yes she does!

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He's drooling.

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Q: Lil Wayne's tear drop tattoo by his mouth?
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Is Wayne tear drops real on his face or is it tattoos?

It's a tattoo. How could there be a real tear drop lingering on his face ALL THE TIME?

What do the tear drops on lil Wayne's face mean?

Many people get tear drop tattoos to make it through prison or gangs so people will be intimidated by them. However in lil waynes case, the three tear drops stand for his 3 close family members that passed away. Being that there are two drops under one eye and just one under the other eye, the three people that have died probably died under different circumstances. The two under the one eye being they both died either the same way or at the same time and place. The one under the opposite eye probably indicates that they died separately from the other two. Tear drops by the eyes usually mean a couple of things. Filled in on the left side means you commited murder. More then one on the left side filled in , the same style, means you did the same thing twice. The right side means a woman and the left side means a man died. Usually tear drops that are not filled in mean time in prison - 10 years. Teardrops ( 3 ) on a heart filled in with red means 10 years from doing time related to drugs with a cut. Teardrops filled in with green means that you killed a baby. I believe that tear drops by the mouth can mean you watched someone die. Not filled in by the mouth means you did time in a psych ward 10 years in a hospital. A tear drop coming from a dogs mouth filled in means that you did time in a military prison. If they aren't filled in on the same side they can mean 2 years. Weird right ? A tear drop on the elbow can mean that you killed a sibling. A tear drop by a tombstone means that you watched a family member die by natural causes. Now a teardrop on the ass , I dunno.

What does Star tattoo on face mean?

yeah i know that this isn't going to answer your question at all but i know the tear tattoo on your face means you killed someone. Who ever left the above statement it is not true. It means that someone you know has died.

Has Lil Wayne Ever Killed Anyone?

Opinions on the matterYes I do think Lil Wayne was involved in killing people during his life time. When he was younger he was in gangs and I think during that time he had killed 2 to 3 people. But this is my opinion and I may be wrong.Whether Lil Wayne has or has not actually killed someone I am not sure. However, he does have a couple tattoos under his eyes that form teardrops. If you didn't know, these teardrop-tattoos are a gang affiliation symbol that are marked for every person you kill. One teardrop, killed one person. He does have a couple under his eyes, so I assume when he has killed a couple people before.Lil Wayne did not kill anybody, if he did he would be in jail. Most people think that he killed people because of his bloody tear drops, but if you're totally obsessed with Weezy like I am you would know that he said in an interview that those represent the people in his life that are close to him that died. There are three tear drops: one is for his grandmother that died, one is for his step father that died Reginald (Rabbit) Carter, and the last one was for one of his friends that died in Hurricane Katrina.People are just assuming Lil Wayne has killed someone because he is a black rapper in America. But no he never did.

What is the music video where a teenage girl is made fun of for having a glowing red heart?

This one? "She wants revenge - Tear you apart".Greetings from Argentina!PS: i was looking it too :PShe Wants Revenge - Tear You Apart She Wants Revenge - Tear You Apart She Wants Revenge - Tear You Apart

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How much is a tattoo of an tear drop?


Do only blood get the tear drop tattoo?

wow no every tear tattoo on your face means one person you kiiled for each tear.

What tattoo symbolizes a lost love?

A bleeding heart: A tear with a heart and a tear drop beneath, at least the tattoo artist told me that.

What does a tear drop on a heart tattoo symbolize?

A teardrop tattoo usually means that someone died. A heart stands for love. A tear drop in a heart probably means that someone that they love died.

When you have a tear drop tattoo what color means what?

When a tear drop is tattooed under the eye of an individual and it is not colored in it means you have spent time in prison, when this tear drop is colored usually black it means you were convicted of murder

When did lil Wayne get his tear drop tattoo?

when his loved one got murdered

What does a tear drop tattoo by the lips symbolize?

In extreme cases a tear drop tattoo means that one has killed somebody but more often it represents a death of a very close individual. A tear on the lips probrably means that someone died who the other was married to or in love with.

What does a teardrop tattoo on the inside of your finger mean?

Ive never heard of a tear drop on the side of your finger.but if yew get a tear drop on the side of your eye it means that you killied someone

Is Wayne tear drops real on his face or is it tattoos?

It's a tattoo. How could there be a real tear drop lingering on his face ALL THE TIME?

What do soulja boys teardrops mean?

usually a tear drop tattoo symbolizes that you've killed someone

What does teardrop tattoo under left eye mean?

1 tear drop = 10 years in prison

What does the filled in tear drop tattoo mean?

The teardrop tattoo or tear tattoo is a symbolic tattoo that is placed underneath the eye. The tattoo can have several meanings, including signifying the number of years spent in prison, the loss of a loved one or fellow gang member, or the fact that the wearer has killed someone.