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Q: Kevin James appeared on Everybody Loves Raymond and The King of Queens?
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Kevin James who'd been a writer and occasional guest star on Everybody Loves Raymond went on to what show about the Heffermans?

king of queens

What TV comedy is about a parcel deliveryman who comes home each night to his loving wife?

"The King of Queens". Did you know:Kevin James, the star of "The King of Queens", was also on the TV comedy "Everybody Loves Raymond".

Did everybody Loves Raymond and King of Queens have the same characters?

Well i think i i know whaty you asking. No they don't have the same characters . In king of queens the main character if i am not mistaken is Kevin James. In the other show the guys name is different.

Who sings the Hey sister soul sister song on Everybody Loves Raymond?

James brown

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Who played Robert Barone's second wife on Everybody Loves Raymond?

The role of Anna Barone, seen as a long-lost aunt in the television series Everybody Loves Raymond, was played by Canadian-born Stella Farentino, the fourth wife of James Farentino, actor in The Final Countdown and Jesus of Nazareth.

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