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Yes - July 18th.

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Q: Kellie Copeland married Rev Stephen Swisher in July?
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Is Kellie Copeland married?

Yes. She married Rev. Steve Swisher on July 18th, 2008.

Is kellie copeland swisher pregnant?

yes, she is pregnant. she and her husband, Stephen, just found out yesturday. check out Stephen swisher's facebook page and you'll see.

Kelly copeland swisher?

She is formerly Kellie Copeland Kutz, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland's daughter.

Who was kellie copeland's first husband?

Kellie Copeland's first husband was Doyle Blaine Ward. Her second husband was Alan Win Kutz, Jr., and her third husband and current husband is Stephen Lowell Swisher.

Does Dr Stephen Lowell Swisher have any children?

Dr. Swisher and his wife Kellie have four children, Rachel, Lyndsey, Jenny and Max

How many times has Kellie Copeland been married?

As of June 2014, Kellie Copeland has been married approximately 3 times. She is currently married to Jim Bakker. She has two children from previous marriages.

Why did lyndsey ward daughter of kellie swisher marry a swisher?

I think she just took her step father's name, I don't believe she is married.

How long were kelly copeland and win kutz married?

They separated in 2004 and were divorced within the year.Win and Kellie Kutz were divorced on February 10, 2005. info from wikipedia.

Who did Win Kutz marry?

Win Kutz was married previously to Kellie Copeland. The couple got divorced in 2005 after Win was caught cheating on Kellie.

How old is Kellie Copeland?

Kellie Copeland was born on December 6, 1936. She is the wife of Kenneth Copeland and a recording artist in her own right.

Is Kenneth divorced?

No- he is married to Gloria Copeland and has two childern. John+Kellie but he got divoreced before and has a daughter named Terri?

Kellie Copeland's children?

I believe he has 4 children