Justin bieber is romantic boy

Updated: 4/28/2022
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yes if u consider squeezing a girls butt and french kissing on a private vacation alone with your love interest romantic

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Q: Justin bieber is romantic boy
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What is Justin Bieber's favourite romantic movie?

Justin Bieber's favourite romantic movie is '' A Walk To Remember ''

Is Justin Bieber romantic?

Sure ! :)

Is Justin Bieber a boy or a girl or both?

Yes Justin Bieber is a boy.

Why is Justin Bieber pretending to be a boy?

Justin Bieber is male. He is not pretending to be a boy.

What is Justin bieber favorite romance movie?

Justin Bieber's favorite romantic movie is "The Notebook". (:

Who made Rich girl Justin Bieber or Soulja boy?

Justin Bieber and Soja boy

Who is more romantic Justin Bieber or jeydon wale?

both are romantic for me my answer will be both.

Is Justin Bieber the cutest boy ever in the universe?

yes Justin bieber is the cutest boy in the universe.

Is Justin Bieber a man or a woman?

Justin Bieber is a boy who is a very successful, popular singer.

What does Justin bieber consider himself most funny athletic romantic or beautiful?


Is Justin bieber a girl changed to a guy?

No, Justin Bieber was born a boy.

Is Justin Bieber a skater boy?

Yes. Justin Bieber skateboards. He is awesome! :)