Judd travers character traits

Updated: 4/28/2022
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what are some of judd travers character traits??

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Q: Judd travers character traits
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Who was the main character of Shiloh?

The main character is Judd Travers.

Where does Judd Travers live in the book of Shiloh?

Judd Travers lives in a trailer with lots of mistreated dogs.

What do you learn about judd travers childhood Shiloh?

You learn that Judd is adopted

How much did Shiloh cost Judd Travers?


What kind of person Judd Travers turn out to be at the end?

a loving man

How does Marty feel about judd travers?

First, Marty hates Judd but around the middle Marty knows more and more about him then at the end Marty and Judd become real friends

Why doesn't Marty like Judd Travers in the book Shiloh?

Marty doesn't like Judd Travers in the book Shiloh because Judd is abusive towards his dogs, doesn't take good care of them, and doesn't treat them with compassion and respect. Marty, who loves animals, is appalled by Judd's behavior and feels a strong sense of injustice towards the mistreatment of the dogs.

Why Marty does nopt like judd travers for four reasons in the book Shiloh?

kicks the dog

Who was Shiloh?

Shiloh was a dog that judd travers owned but a kid named Marty wanted to keep it because judd abueses his dogs the rest u can find in the book

Will Marty Preston return Shiloh to judd travers?

He does the first time, and Judd kicks him, and there is a conversation between Marty Preston, Ray Preston (his dad) and Judd Travers, but the second time that Shiloh runs away to Marty, he hides him in the shed on their land... and I'm not going to tell you the rest as to not spoil the story. But it is a great film, it is one of my favourites, and it has a happy ending.

What breed of dog was Shiloh?

Shiloh (the dog from the book Shiloh by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor) is a Beagle.

Marty does not like Judd Travers for four reasons name one of the reasons in the book Shiloh?

One reason is because he kicks his dogs.