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yes yes

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Q: Joe Jonas's green jacket in the Hannah Montana show?
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What color does Hannah Montana like wearing?

purple and green

Who is Hannah Montana's favorite actor?

Its Lime green and purple

What is Hannah Montanas and Selena Gomez's favourite colour?

I don't know Hannah Montana's fave color but Selena Gomez is Green

Is Emily Osment favourite color blue or lime green?

Blue! Hannah Montana's signature coloure is lime green!

What color does Hannah Montana like?

she likes blue green and pink most off all.

Where did the green sofa on the Hannah Montana set come from?

I am Miley Cyrus . My biggest Fan is Lizzy . I got the green sofa from i forgot

What is Hannah Montana's favourite dish?

Hannah Montana likes Chinese food. She is also a vegetarian, but does not eat anything green. Strange. But that's what she likes. And she probably like food from Tennessee since she is originally from Tennessee.

Witch is Hannah Montana favorite colour?

lime green and pink are miley cyrus's fav colors

What is Hannah montana's favcolor?

pinkno blue and she hates green she said it in the miley and Mandy show on youtube.. chake it !

When will Hannah Montana sing in Green Bay?

She wont be singing again because she has officially ended.Instead you can see Miley Cyrus on her tours

What brand was the green jacket Ellen page wore in Juno?

What green jacket? The one on the cover? That was more of a black-green jacket. ----

I were a green jacket on the out side?

Yes, you can wear a green jacket on the outside of your clothing. Green is a popular color.