Jan and Dean Beach Boys

Updated: 4/28/2022
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jan & dean was a group by them selves

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Q: Jan and Dean Beach Boys
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Who recorded the song Surf City?

Jan and Dean the Beach boys

Who first sang the song Barbara Ann?

The Regents-1961 Later covered by The Beach Boys-1966

Who was the Little title figure in a beach boys hit?

2 possibilities: Little old lady from Pasadena (covered by the Beach Boys, but a hit for Jan and Dean) Little Deuce Coupe

Which came first - Catch A Wave by the Beach Boys or Sidewalk Surfin' by Jan and Dean?

"Catch A Wave" came first. "Sidewalk Surfin'" was a sort-of parody of it, about skateboarding.

Huntington Beach is known as Surf City for the song by what group?

Jan and Dean

What groups were popular when The Beatles were out?

Rolling Stones, Beach Boys, Hollies, Kinks, Who, Rascals, Supremes, Four Tops, Temptations, Zombies, Tams, Outsiders, Jan and Dean, Bee Gees.

Did the beach boys cover the hit son the locomotion?

A version of "The Locomotion" erroneously attributed to the Beach Boys was actually recorded in 1974 by Flint, Michigan rock band Grand Funk Railroad. One need only to listen to "Bad Time (to be in Love)" by Grand Funk [] to realize that indeed, "Locomotion" was by them, and not the Beach Boys. Thanks for showing your musical taste :)

Which one of the Beach Boy sang back-up on Jan and Dean's hit Surf City?

Brian Wilson

Are Jan and Dean still alive?

Jan died in 2004. Dean is still living.

How many number one hits The Beach Boys have?

According to the Billboard charts, 4 I Get Around Help Me Rhonda Good Vibrations KoKoMo Brian Wilson wrote one other #1 song, Surf City, recorded by Jan & Dean.

What is the unscrambled word for scfuriutyas?

The anagram is three words: Surf City USA (nickname for Huntington Beach, CA -- from the 1963 hit song by Jan and Dean)

Barbara ann help me rhonda and surfer girl are top 40 hits by which band?

The Beach Boys.