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(For Apex Learning) He has health insurance through his job.

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Q: Jamal considers himself to be part of the primary labor market. Which of Jamal's characteristics places him in this category?
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Who considers hunting a primary objective in the book lord of the flies?

Jack and the other hunters

What are the five categories of instruments in the Sachs- Hornbostel system?

In the Sachs- Hornbostel system there are five categories of instruments based on the physical characteristics of sound. The chordophones are instruments with strings stretched between fixed points. Aerophones are instruments that use air as primary source of vibrations. Membranophones are instruments that vibrate by means of tightly stretched skins. Idiophones are instruments that are sounded by the instrument itself. Electrophones is the last category that was added due to the advancement of technology.

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1.They depend on Natural Resources. 2.These occcupations exist from ancient periods. 3.They are fundamental occupations because other occupations depend on them. 4.All occupations of man begin with primary occcupation. Hence,they are basic in nature. 5.Number of people in primary occupation is more in developing regions. 6.Man's wages are less for his manual labour in these occupations.

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No. While initial ideas are ideas one first thinks of and can become primary ideas (or, in other words, the main focus), primary ideas are not necessarily the first ideas one thinks of (better known as initial ideas). Initial ideas can become primary ideas. Primary ideas are not necessarily initial ideas.