Is woodie Mexican

Updated: 8/29/2023
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Um NO! he is not Mexican.he's 100% White Boy, Red Hair! Blue eyes White skin!. Ryan Wood AKA WOODIE! Is a Norteno rapper raised in Northern California, in a Town called Antioch. and was Murdered may of 2007.

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woodie the norte is half white half Mexican and is the sicest rapper ever

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Q: Is woodie Mexican
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What race was Woodie?

Apparently he was white but he hanged out with a Mexican gang

Is woodie woodie about the 26th parallel?

woodie woodie is rougly 250kms from marble bar and 450 from port hedland

Is woodie the rapper a Norteno?

Nortenos are a Latino (mostly Mexican) gang that is under the Blood Alliance. They flag their two main colors red & white to the right side of their back pocket & their main rivals are gangs under the Mexican Mafia like Surenos, Eighteen Street & MS-13 just to name a few. Other rivals include Crips, Hoover Criminals & any gang who goes against Bloods.But to answer ur question yes Woodie was a member of the Nortenos R.I.P. Woodie.

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