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yes they are in love and having sex

May 2010 sorry to disappoint, but that is only storyline, in real life no they are not dating!

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Q: Is vickie gurrveo dating dolph ziggler?
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Is vickie gurrero dating angone?

on Friday night smackdown she is dating dolph ziggler but in real life i do not know

Who Is Dolph Ziggler Really Dating?

Dolph Ziggler is currently dating Nikki Bella

Is vickie Guerrero's rooke kaitlyn having an affair with dolph ziggler?


Will ziggler beat edge at royal rumble 2011?

no edge use the spear on dolph ziggler because kelly kelly came to fight vickie guerro.vickie guerro was does dolph ziggler was sleeping. then edge used the spear on dolph ziggler

Who is April jeanette dating?

dolph ziggler

What did Vickie Guerrero say in spanish on after the bell to Dolph Ziggler?

she said 'ESTAS WHAPO'

Is dolph ziggler and vickie gurreo really boyfriend and girlfriend?

It's all just an act.

Is dolph ziggler married?

As of July 2013, Dolph Ziggler does not have a real life girlfriend. He has dated Nikki Bella from the WWE and the comedian Amy Schumer in the past.

Does Michelle mccool like Dolph ziggler?

No Dolf Ziggler likes Vickie Guerrero. Michelle McCool is married to Mark Calaway aka the Undertaker

Who is dolph ziggler currently dating?

Dolph is not dating a WWE diva, he does have a girlfriend but she is not in the WWE. Nor does he have a personal facebook page. Anyone claiming to be on facebook is a fake..

Is dolph ziggler thin?

yes dolph ziggler is thin

Are dolph ziggler and aj lee Mendez really dating?

No they are not it is only storyline