Is uryu the only Quincy

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No, his father is still alive and has quinchy powers, although he doesn't consider his father to be a Quincy due to the fact that he has renounced being a Quincy

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Q: Is uryu the only Quincy
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Where is uryu's mom?

She dies in the Quincy war. So only Uryu and his Dad lived

How is uryu ishida an echt Quincy?

Uryu is an Echt Quincy because his mother is also an Echt Quincy. Because his mother's blood flows through his veins, he is an Echt Quincy.

Does uryu get his Quincy powers back?

yes he does

Bleach anime Does any one think we will see more uryu isheda a kid with the hole Quincy arc and all?

It is possible that Uryu Ishida will be seen more in Bleach.

Who is the guy with the bow in bleach tv show?

it's either Uryu ishida who calls himself the last Quincy who is basically a human with special powers or it's Ryukken Ishida, Uryu's father who doesn't care for quincies or soul reapers. he however was a quincy and still as his powers since they do not fade easily.

Who is the bleach live action cast?

The only cast so far is Yangai, Kotaro as Uryu Ishida

What episode of the Bleach Anime does Ichigo regain his powers after losing them defeating Aizen?

SPOILER ALERT:In episode 78, Uryu obtains an artifact that allows him to temporarily regain his Quincy powers to fight the Bounts, also known as vampires, while they are in the Soul Society. in episode 112, he decides to regain his powers by agreeing with his father to never associate with a Shinigami, Soul Reaper, ever again. In episode 126, after reaching his final level of exhaustion from trying to dodge Ryuken's, his father's, arrows, Ryuken shoots Uryu with an arrow from a spiritual bow 19 millimeters to the right of uryu's heart, which is the only way for a Quincy to regain his powers. His powers were lost when he used the Quincy's final form which is obtained after breaking the glove to exceed maximum strength. This maximum strength eventually wears off after a few hours after breaking the glove. In episode 142, he finally is actually seen with his Quincy uniform on again, showing that he has truly gained his Quincy powers.

Is Uryu Ishida Evil?

Uryu is not technically evil. He joined the Vandenreich and backstabbed his friends. He didn't kill anyone so he isn't evil.

Who is uryu ishida's love interest?

As some may not know the bount Uryu likes dies.Uryu I think will end up with Nemu the squad twelve luteninute. I believe this because Nemu gave the antidote to Uryu. I think they would make a great couple.

Bleach anime will we get to see more uryu isheda as a kid flashbacks?

Yes, in Bleach anime you will get to see more uryu isheda as a kid flashbacks

When is uryu ishida's birthday?

November 11th

John Quincy Adams siblings?

John Quincy Adams was an only child.