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toon link is left-handed because he does things with his left hand

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Q: Is toon link left-handed or right-handed?
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Is Taylor Swift lefthanded or righthanded?

Taylor Swift is right-handed.

Is Cara Gosselin righthanded or lefthanded?

I think she is left handed.

How many switch hitters have gotten 100 hits from each side of the plate?

Two Gary Templeton, St. Louis (NL), 154 games in 1979 (111 lefthanded, 100 righthanded) Willie Wilson, Kansas City (AL), 161 games in 1980 (130 lefthanded, 100 righthanded)

Is toon link adorable?

yes, toon link is adorable.

Who is better toon link or Diddy Kong?

Toon link.

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Is toon link right-handed?

no, Toon Link is left-handed.

How old is toon link?

Toon Link is 12 years old.

Who is dark toon link?

dark toon link is a gothic warrior who is the evil side of toon link. he makes his appearance in super smash bros. brawl. he has white hair, red eyes and black clothes. he is the same age of toon link. he has the same voice that toon link has.

Is toon link left-handed?

yes, toon link is left-handed.