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Not Long after he left Ashley

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Yes He is To lee Hicks

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yes, Tony is still married to Jane.

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Q: Is tony hicks is still married?
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Does tony hicks have any brothers?

I know that he have a sister Maureen, who is married with Bobby Elliot .

What is Tony Hicks's birthday?

Tony Hicks was born on December 16, 1943.

Is tony hicks hollies married?

Yes Yes, to a woman named Jane and they have a son named Paul.

How old is Tony Hicks?

Tony Hicks is 67 years old (birthdate: December 16, 1943).

Is Tony Gwynn still married to Alicia?


Is tony hicks of the hollies brother of Tommy steele (hicks) r?

I am Sherman Caldwell first cousin of Tommy Hicks and I believe the answer is true

Is tony hicks related to Tommy steele?

No Hes not

Is Mo'Nique married?

Yes, Mo'Nique married to Mark Jackson in 1997 Yes, Mo'Nique married to Sidney Hicks in 2006

What does tony hicks look like now?

Tony Hicks of The Hollies - circa 2006 go here: : Absolutely brilliant, steady professional. And, what a legacy he has created!

Why does Tony Hicks of the Hollies have a midlands accent?

Tony Hicks does not have a Midlands accent, he has a northern accent (north-west, to be precise).He was born in Lancashire and grew up in and around Manchester where, in 1963, he joined The Hollies.

Tony Hicks what school did he go to?

I believe Tony went to the local catholic secondary school in Colne Lancashire.

Who is Mo'Nique?

Mo'Nique is married to Sidney Hicks.