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Is Thomas The Tank really the leader

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Q: Is thomas the tank engine really the number one leader?
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What number is Thomas from Thomas the tank engine?

thomas is no.1

What number is Edward from Thomas the tank engine?

He is number 2

Is number 8 called duck on Thomas the tank engine?

Correct, Duck is the number 8 engine.

What kind of leader Thomas Paine was?

Thomas Paine was not a leader. He was a thinker, writer and agitator.

Who out of the Thomas the tank engine characters has the highest number on there side?

Diesel 10

Which Thomas the Tank engine is number 8 9 and 10?

Number 8 is Duck, number 9 is Donald, and number 10 is Douglas.

Is it Thomas the train or Thomas the tank engine?

Thomas the Tank Engine is the real name.

When did Thomas Meredith - Baptist leader - die?

Thomas Meredith - Baptist leader - died on 1850-11-13.

When was Thomas Meredith - Baptist leader - born?

Thomas Meredith - Baptist leader - was born on 1795-07-07.

Was Thomas Jefferson a cavalry leader?

No- Jefferson was not a military leader.

Was Thomas Jefferson a leader of his colony?

yes he was a leader, his colony was virgina

Is Thomas a good cat name?

I think Thomas is a really great name. I have a cat named Thomas, and to be honest, my bro chose that name because at the time he loved Thomas the Tank Engine. I would encourage you to name your cat Thomas, if you really like it. If not, think of you favorite TV show. I'm sure names will come to mind then.