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Not now... Hopefully

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Q: Is there tower of druaga season 3?
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Is there a 3rd season for tower of druaga?

i doubt it

When was The Tower of Druaga created?

The Tower of Druaga was created in 1984.

When did The Tower of Druaga happen?

The Tower of Druaga happened in 1984.

When was the anime The Tower of Druaga created?

The Tower of Druaga - anime - was created in 2008.

Does Kally of tower of druaga love someone in the tower of druaga series?

I doubt it. Kally gets killed by Pazuz in episode 9 and later comes back as an illusion in episode 7 of The Sword of Uruk. I couldn't notice a love interest in the series. Now this is interesting, I think I need to watch the series again to find out.

Will tower prep have more than 1 season?

Yes there will be tower prep season 3

Is tower prep going to do a 2nd season?

From Wikipedia, Tower Prep is waiting on word for a second season. From Wikipedia, Tower Prep has been approved on a second season.

Will tower prep continue?

The show Tower Prep has been renewed for a second season!

When does season 2 of tower prep begin?

they will start season 2 in the summer

Will there be a season 2 for tower prep?

season 2 will start in my ass so you will have to watch my ASS

Is there going to be a war in tower prep?

According to rumours.. apparently[: ahaha. The first episode according to rumours in season two is titled War. I REALLY HOPE TP HAS A SECOND SEASON. TOWER PREP IS THE BEST SHOW EVER<3 SPREAD THE WORD AND KEEP TP UP FOR A SECOND SEASON. DEFOOO BETTER THAN ALL OTHER CARTOON SHOWS[:

Can you buy a Tower Prep uniform give me a website too?

no a Uniform? Or a series of the first season for Tower Prep?