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No, ABC has cancelled the long-running comedy. It will not be on the network's 2010-2011 schedule.

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Q: Is there going to be a scrubs season 10?
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When is the next season of Scrubs airing?

There will be no season 10 of Scrubs. ABC announced it was cancelled May 14,2010

Is there going to be a tenth season of scrubs?

No, ABC have cancelled scrubs for the 2010-2011 scedule.

Is there going to be another season of scrubs?

yes but it will be on abc and is supposed to be the final season

When will series 8 of scrubs be on E4?

e4 have not yet announced when they are going to show season 8 of scrubs

Is scrubs going to have a season 9?

yes it defanitly will and it'll be hilarius

Has scrubs been canceled?

As of 5/14/10 ABC has announced that Scrubs will not be returning after another season.

When does the season 7 of scrubs premiere?

season 7 of scrubs premiered on 10-25-07. to watch full episodes of the hit tv show scrubs, go to to watch every episode from season 1-9

When is Scrubs Season 7 out in England?

I read that season 7 started on April 10, 2008

Is there going to be a scrubs season 9?

yes it is said to come out in December 2010

Is scrubs season 9 a 12?

Season 9 of scrubs has 13 episodes.

Scrubs season 9?

Yes Scrubs season 9 is startingJanuary 2010 on ABC.

Is scrubs going off the air?

it was back for a ninth season, before getting cancelled again...