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well from what i know there is a 6teen movie only like about 1hour but it already pasted like in 2006

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Q: Is there going to be a 6teen movie and when?
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Is there going to be a new season5 of 6teen?

i hope cause its so sad to saay good bye to a show you love on the internet there are rumors of season5 and i want 6teen back we want 6teen we want 6teen down with cartoon network

The producers of 6teen are going to make a sequel?

Good luck to them then.

Where do 6teen live?

The 6teen live in Canada. (they are not real people!)

What is the theme song of 6Teen?

It's apparently just called 6teen

Who made 6teen?

Tom McGills! He created TDI TDA 6TEEN AND STOKED

What site is 6teen on?

6teen is on YouTube, but it is also playing on Cartoon Network again

Is action flicks ever going to come off cartoonnetwork?

Apparently,it's already cancelled because 6teen comes on now on Saturday nights. Apparently,it's already cancelled because 6teen comes on now on Saturday nights.

What are the ratings and certificates for 6Teen - 2005?

6Teen - 2005 is rated/received certificates of: Portugal:M/6

Does Terry McGurrin make jonesy from 6teen's voice?

Yes, Mr. McGurrin is Jonesy on 6teen Carla520

Is 6teen having season 4?

yes! yes! yes! 6teen is having a season 4. seach it on wikipedia.

Where can you buy the Canadian version of 6teen?

The 6teen Teletoon episodes are available on Amazon. Sadly, they do not have the whole series but they do have most of it.

Is 6teen for ages 10?

6teen the Cartoon Network show is for any age, but only if you can be mature enough to handle it. Carla520