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There is an organization called Feed The Children. There are also many similar organizations with different names such as World Vision that also helps feed hungry children.

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Q: Is there an organization like Feed The Children?
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Why do you want work for this organization simple answers?

I need the money. I have rent to pay, and children to feed.

Does Feed my Starving Children accept volunteers?

"Yes, this organization is primarily based on the work of volunteers. For application, there is a tab on Feed my Starving Children website and more information on positions and age requirements."

How does one find information about how to volunteer abroad?

You have to contact an organization which has overseas positions available. Unicef or Feed the Children are two organizations, but you really need to match your skills with an organization.

Examples of voluntary organization?

you enroll in a course you like that is voluntary

When was Canadian Feed the Children created?

Canadian Feed the Children (CFTC) was created in 1986.

Do your parents have to feed their children?

Yes, parents are required to feed their children. It is considered child abuse to starve your children.

Can you feed banana to small children in the evening?

No, but you can feed small children to bananas in the morning.

What chores did The Middle Colonies children do and how was it like?

The children would have to feed the chickens, churn the butter, work on the field, and etc.

What is it like to have multiple jobs to feed your children?

its really hard knowing that the men are normally doing this job but i guess its for my kids if I'm not gonna feed them who is?

How does a swan take care of its children?

Just like every bird they feed their chicks when they are young.

What organizations help to feed starving African children?

There are many organizations that help feed starving African children. Some examples of organizations that help feed starving African children include Feed the Children, UNICEF, and World Vision.

What is meant by NGO?

NGO is an acronym that means non-governmental organization. An NGO is an organization that performs helpful functions like feeding children and providing medical care.