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ya when Bella uses Jacob to get information about the cullens.

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Q: Is there an example of a red herring in the book 'Twilight'?
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What are the clues and red herring in the book Sammy Keyes and the Hollywood Mummy?

77CURIO is one of the clues in the book. The missing Honeymoon Jewels are clues, too. Not too certain who the red herring was, though.

How did Red Herring get that name and how does Red Herring in like a mystery book and Red Herring fish differ plus how are they related?

The red herring fish and the ones you hear about in mystery books are actually one in the same. A red herring (mystery) got it's name because in older times, when a crime was committed, police used dogs to follow a scent, and the criminal would drag a red herring to throw off the dog's sense of smell and lead the police in the wrong direction. A red herring in a mystery is designed to throw the reader off the real answer.

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rosile drives a red mercades in the book

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And beware of red herring?

"Red herring" is a slang term used to describe a bogus diversion. For example, if a person is being chased in the forest, they might offer their shoes to another person so that the other person will be tracked and not them.

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Any form of distraction or diversion from the issue at hand is an example of a red herring prospect. Any prospect that may look too good to be true or sounds appealing at first glance but turns out to be fruitless or worthless, would turn out to be a red herring prospects. Examples of these are different depending on the industry.

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"The burgler placed her neighbors glove at the scene as a red herring."

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"The city council is using the rezoning issue as a red herring to divert our attention from the budget deficit." "The report about rebels had been a red herring, because the attack had been staged by the dictator's own troops." "During the Watergate investigation, one promising lead turned out to be a red herring provided by the White House."