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There are 13 episodes in season 1. season 2 should have more, if there is one. there should be, cause they havn't made it to the north yet.

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Q: Is there an episode 14 of Spice and Wolf?
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When does the next episode of Spice and Wolf come out?

go to hear and watch all 12 episode in English dub and all 13 episode in English sub and more anime in engdub and engsub

What anime is horo in?

Spice and Wolf

Is the anime spice and wolf rated 17 and up or 14 and up?

14 and up. In fact, on its webpage at, it'll say "TV-14." It's the manga that's 17 and up.

When will Spice and Wolf 2 come on DVD?

FUNimation got the rights to dub it, like they got the first season. they should be releasing Spice and Wolf 2 DVD Sometime in 2011

What episode of Wolf's Rain does Blue die?

Blue dies in episode 30 - titled "Wolf's Rain" .

Is there a wolf demon anime?

Anime's that feature a wolf demon would be Inuyasha and its spin-offs, Spice and wolf might be similar enough with a wolf deity.

Is there any episode of pleasant goat and big big wolf?

yes, there is episode of pleasant goat and big big wolf

Is there any good anime with wolves in it?

Wolf's Rain , Princess Mononoke , Ginga Densetsu Weed , Spice and Wolf , Inuyasha ,

What is the difference between spice and wolf volume 1 and spice and wolf manga 1?

Volume usually refers to a novel (book style) of a series, while manga obviously refers to the manga (comic style).

How bad is the spice and wolf anime's nudity an is it more like the chobits anime or elfen lied?

The nudity is very minimal, There are 1 or 2 scenes in the first episode and 1 other scene around episode 5 and they are all just in passing and now big deal at all.

What episode did the wolf ranger on power rangers wild force?

Episode 16, "The Lone Wolf", though Merrick appeared before that.

What is The Wolf Among Us Episode 2 release date?

The wolf among us episode 2 was released in feburary 2014.